Xmas 2013: rain, but no reindeer

Dirk, was his name: The storm with winds up to 100 km/h that struck a day before Xmas this year, and that was followed by rain, rain, and lots of rain. Only consolation: for the time of the year the temperatures are exceptionally high, around 10 °C.


Luckily, on Xmas day itself the sun broke through the heavy clouds for a few hours, enough to make us long to put on our boots and take the dogs for a walk.


It was a splendid occasion for my daughter to try her brand new camera, that Santa was so kind to put into her socket. He even knew that she is about to follow diving courses since the camera is a water proof model up to 10 meters under water. Santa is indeed a very wise man that sees and hears everything. So, even without a reindeer, and under tons of rain, he managed to bring what my daughter wanted most.


All credits for the photos below go to my daugher.


[click on the link below the photo to start the short slide show]



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