About me

My interest, or rather passion, for photography goes back to the beginning of this millennium.  Apart from occasional photos taken with a pocket camera mainly on holiday, I never bothered with analogue photography, and frankly that would not have been my thing. I am someone who likes to have full control over the final product, but I did not see myself standing in a darkroom surrounded by chemicals. Digital post processing, on the other hand, has always been an integral and welcome part of my workflow.

Do I have a style? I do not know. For me, the act of photographing is a joy in itself because I can freeze a moment in time or create a relationship between objects. There is something magical about it. If there is one aspect that characterizes my photography, it is the fact that I like to get close to my subject to capture its details and texture.  I rarely use a wide-angle lens, preferring to reach for a (prime) lens between 85 mm and 300 mm, and occasionally a 50 mm as my widest perspective. 
Another characteristic of my work is the simplicity of the story: I am a staunch believer in the adage that less is more.

Over time, my interest in photography has not always been of the same intensity, nor have I focused my attention on the same kind of subjects, nor have I had the same motivation and drive.

The work I show here reflects my current interest, which is my immediate (rural) surroundings, and especially the farm animals that surround me. My love for animals is very strong, and I like to capture their looks and feelings. Very often I notice expressions that are not very different from what I observe among humans.

My vanity to leave some of my work after my passing, has led me to offer it for sale as stock photography (Shutterstock, Adobe and Depositphoto).

If you want to see my older photographic works, feel free to browse the archives.

Erwin, April 2023

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