Don’t expect to find here wildlife or (exotic) bird pictures. I simply do not have enough patience and stamina to wait for that moment when a bird comes into my viewfinder. Also, traveling to (exotic) places to capture a tiger or elephant is not on my bucket list. You won’t find me in a shelter next to a lake or hiding in a bush with some jaw-dropping super-telephoto lens.  

Rather, I deeply enjoy observing what immediately surrounds me in my garden or the meadows in my home countryside.  It allows me to take my gear whenever I want and sit amidst my garden friends to observe them while they observe me.  They know me and I know them, which allows me to predict how they will react, and to seize expressions and poses that otherwise go unnoticed.

Am I wrong, moreover, to observe that photography of farm animals is a neglected terrain by photographers? Wrongly, because these “everyday” creatures have their own character, each one on its own, the interaction with each other and their environment can often be very surprising.

Certainly, a rooster is perhaps less attractive to get before the lens than let’s say a toucan, but I can assure you that capturing that very moment when he shakes his feathers or crows or is vigilant for danger in his surroundings is very gratifying. And that is what I aim for in my photography. It makes me feel warm inside when in the evening I sit before my laptop and see that I was able to grasp those playful and cute lambs jumping all over in the meadow in Springtime.

But enough words, please do jump to the images and you will understand what makes me happy….

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