To Anke

Last night one of our dogs died: our Yorskhire Terrier, Anke, that we took into our family together with our two chihuahuas when my mother in law passed away some two years ago. Next year in spring, Anke would have been fourteen. 

Her dead did not come as a real surprise, as the vet already told us a couple of weeks ago that her heart was starting to suffer and that there was some water on her lungs. At evenings we clearly noticed that she had trouble finding a cosy place in the couch next to us: breathing became more and more difficult despite the medication. 

Last evening, suddenly it became worse and worse. She could not lay down anymore. We took her in our sleeping room, where we heard her breath very heavily. Then the rhythm of breathing changed, as if it was getting better. But that was only a false impression. Probably, she slowly got into a coma, and passed away around one thirty in the night.

We took her into our home as a shy little dog, but gradually she became a real lively dog running around in our new garden, not afraid of showing her teeth towards sheep, donkeys or cows. We are glad she had a fine live, even until yesterday evening.

We will miss her.

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