New work and minimalism

Compositing has become an essential part of my work. Whilst the post processing has always been an integral element of my workflow, lately the processing of an image has become more and more an end itself. I start with an idea in mind, and then start collecting images, own shots and for a large part also stock images, to put them together in a way that brings the idea to life on screen. Hence, in what is displayed below, a major part of what you see has been the result of pure editing and manipulation.

I have had the pleasure to follow on line courses on beauty retouching and photo editing from Stefan KohlerPratik Naik and Bella Kotak.

My photoshop work flow is based upon the amazing Retouching Toolkit from Conny Wallstrom and Stefan Kohler.  I also make use of the fantastic Infinite Color Panel and the Infinite Texture Panel.  Lately, most of my color grading is done in 3Dlutcreator.

You can also find me on Instagram:

An up to date portfolio of the minimalistic work (I call it: “Winimalism”) is on display at :


My stock photography is for sale at :


on Shutterstock.

And on Depositphoto

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