B.B., Mavis and Yvonne Staples

July 9th 2011.

B.B. King was top of the bill on Gent Jazz Festival. Performing that day also were the Staples Singers: Mavis Staples (vocals), Yvonne Staples (backing vocals), Donny Gerrard (backing vocals),Stephen Hodges (drums), Rick Holmstrom (guitar & backing vocals), Vicki Randle (backing vocals), Jeff Turmes (bass, guitar & backing vocals).

At the end of his gig, B.B.King invited Mavis and Yvonne to the stage. The hugs were sincere.

I have never published these photos before, but I felt that I owed this to the community.

Finally, here they are, the full set I could take…

(Click the image to start the slide show)

B.B. King hugging Mavis & Yvonne Staples

B.B. King hugging Mavis Staples


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