about erwin

Born in Flanders, Belgium, in 1958, I had the pleasure to spend my youth without too many worries, and to meet a gorgeous woman who became my wife in 1989. When my daughter was born in 1999, my luck was complete. My daughter, Blijke, also sparked within me the interest for photography. How could I not start recording the way she grew up? My interest however grew further than portraying her development. Interest in photography became a larger passion.

I am particularly thrilled by the minimalist style in photography, but I am equally addicted to creating composite images in Photoshop. The latter has become, next to my family and gardening, a way to give a creative touch to my life.

I invite you here to have a look at a selection of the output of my passion. The older work is presented differently from the newer (mainly after 2017) as the newer productions contains a more minimalistic touch. A separate tab will be dedicated to pure composite work. To be complete, I refer also to stock images for sale on Adobe Stock, Depositphoto and Shutterstock.

In the blog section, I share the result of my latest clicks, often not more than casual shots.